【Private Charter / Packaged Plan 】 From Tokyo 10-hour ~ Kamakura Day Trip ~


1.Enjoy the private tour using a chartered minivan with a driver and an English (or Chinese)speaking assistant for up to 11 people 2.See the Great Buddha at Kotoku-in Temple in Kamakura 3.Enjoy the flowers at Hasedera Temple. Flowers are blooming through the year in this temple which makes the temple the flower viewing spot in the area 4.Stroll the Japan’s old capital, Kamakura city and walk down Komachi-dori, a street lined with shops, restaurants and souvenir vendors <Remarks> ◆Reservation for 0 - 5 years old, please reserve the tour as "Child: 6 -11 years old". 1. The English (or Chinese) speaking assistant is not a professional guide and does not do guidance of sightseeing 2. Please write the name, age, and gender of other group members in the remarks of the reservation form,and write your meeting place , tour ending place in the remarks at the same time.Departure and arrival places should be within Tokyo’s 23 wards. 3. Please book the tour under the name of the group leader when the participants are over representative of over 11 people.When you book the tour with 10 to 20 people,a mini bus will be arranged for your group.You will be informed about the tour price for each person by e-mail later. 4. If the tour assistant and the vehicle are not available on your requested date,your reservation can not be accepted. 5.Tour fee includes a driver, a language assisting tour staff, 10-hour chartered car fee, toll road fee, parking fee, admission fees to Hasedera temple, Kotokuin temple, Hokoku-ji temple. [Items included in "Infant price"] Same for adults. [Notes] *If the tour is anticipated to exceed scheduled 10 hours due to the traffic congestion, bad weather or other unavoidable circumstances, visiting time at the sightseeing places may be shortened. *Please note that the traveling to other places is not allowed, but the omission of visiting place is accepted. You may ask tour staff on the tour day. *Wearing clothes and shoes that let you move easily and comfortably is strongly recommended. *The order of the itinerary is subject to change due to the traffic congestion. *We do not take responsibility for any delays, shortening time and omissions for sightseeing caused by traffic congestion, weather conditions or other unavoidable circumstances. *Tour may be cancelled due to bad weather (typhoon, heavy snow, etc.) or other unavoidable circumstances. In this case, we decide the tour cancellation until 3:00pm Japan time one day prior to the tour departure date and will inform you of the cancellation by e-mail. *(Act on the Protection of Personal Information has been revised since May 30, 2017.) Customer information, such as name, age, gender and others may be forwarded to the hotels or necessary organizations for the tour arrangement. Completion of the tour reservation shall be deemed to agree upon above condition.


Day 1
  • Breakfast: 0
  • Lunch: 0
  • Dinner: 0
  • Light meal: 0
  • Within Tokyo 23-ward (Pick-up 8:00 – 9:00) Hasedera temple (Visit / 40 min.) Kotokuin temple (Visit / 30 min.) Tsurugaoka Hachiman Shrine (Visit・Stroll / 100 min.) Hokoku-ji temple (Visit / 40 min.) Within Tokyo 23-ward (Arrival 18:00 – 19:00)


Departure place

Designated place (Tokyo)

Meeting Time



Kanto, Tokyo

  • English

  • Chinese

Language Support

A tour conductor or staff of your preferred language will accompany the tour from the designated meeting place (at a designated airport in case of a tour with airplanes) and provides the participant with basic information necessary for the tour (such as meeting place and time at each stop etc) in your preferred language. Information on sightseeing in the areas of tour destinations will not be provided. However, brochures in your preferred language will be provided.

Minimum number of participants for operation

1 Person(s)

*When the participants does not reach the number above, the tour will not be operated. If this is the case, those who have made a reservation will be informed of the matter by 14 days prior to the scheduled departure date (by 4 days prior to the departure in case of a Day-tour).

Minimum number of participants for booking

1 Person(s)

Cancellation policy Tour Condition