Eastern Hokkaido: Akan Forest & Lake Walk and Icebreaker Ship Aurora Cruise [Sapporo Station →New Chitose Airport]


1. This is a 3-day plan staying at Shiretoko, registered as a World Heritage Site, and fly to finish the tour at New Chitose Airport. 2. Try to find "Frost Flowers" at Lake Akan by walking on the lake with snow shoes. 3. Feel the drift ice crunching beneath you by the icebreaker ship "Aurora" in Abashiri. *This tour begins at Sapporo station and ends at New Chitose Airport. Please write in the 'Additional Information' of the booking form when booking: A mobile phone number which can be used in Japan. If you don't have one, then please included details of the hotel you are staying in the day before the tour(hotel name,chec-in date and the name of the person who booked the hotel.) *This is an independent plan, and a tour conductor will not accompany the trip. We will provide all the necessary documents such as the final itinerary and coupons so that customers can proceed the tour on their own. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- *Drift ice season (source: Abashiri Local Meteorological Office) 2017: January 31 (first day), February 2 (first day approaching shore) and April 24 (last day) 2018: January 28 (first day), February 2 (first day approaching shore) and March 31 (last day) [Additional information] *Necessary travel documents will be sent to you by email at least 1 week prior to the tour departure day. Please print them out and bring to the tour, or prepare to show the documents on your mobile phone. *Items included – Bus fares, 2 night's accommodation fee (with dinner & breakfast), Akan forest & lake walk fee, Aurora cruise fare, single way flight fare, New Chitose Airport facility usage charge and taxes. None of these expenses will be refunded even if the participant does not use them for whatever reason. *Items not included – Any expenses not specified in the itinerary (e.g. personal expenses, optional tours). *Items included in "Child & Infant price" - Same tour contents as Adult price. *Baby (1-2 years old): JPY2,700 as a facility usage charge at New Akan Hotel on Day 1. *Although the booking screen will show JPY0, after the tour booking has been finalized, a facility usage charge (JPY2,700) will be added to the total tour fee and paid by credit card. *If you require a seat for your baby on the bus, then please book through the "Infant Price" which includes the same meals and items as the "Adult price". ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [Attention] *Since Shiretoko Airport Liner has non-reserved seats. The bus may be full and you may not able to sit down. *Akan Forest & Lake Walk *This activity may be cancelled according to the weather or frost conditions on the tour day. In that case, the refund of this activity fee will be made after the tour ends . *Icebreaker Ship Aurora *It might be the case that you cannot see the drift ice from the icebreaker ship "Aurora" due to the weather conditions on the tour day, and no refund can be made. *When the cruise is cancelled, the fare will be refunded after the tour ends. Clothes *Please prepare well enough against the severe freezing cold temperatures, including gloves, hat, scarf, disposable pocket warmers (also available for shoes), etc. *Please wear snow boots or shoes with strong grip to prevent slipping and sliding on snowy and icy surfaces. Bus operations Operating company: Day 1 (■Potato Liner) / JR Hokkaido Bus or Hokkaido Takushoku Bus or Hokkaido Chuo Bus or Hokuto Kotsu or Tokachi Bus (■Marimo Express Obihiro-go) / Abashiri Kanko Kotsu, Day 2 (◎Winter Eastern Hokkaido Bus) / Dream Kanko Bus or Tokachi Bus or Hokkaido Takushoku Bus & Day 3 (■Shiretoko Airport Liner) / Shari Bus or Abashiri Bus *Please gather at the meeting (boarding) place stated in the final itinerary at least 10 minutes before departure. When it's time, a member of staff from the bus operator will come and get you. *The bus will leave as scheduled. You cannot join the tour if you are late and miss the bus. A refund is not available so please make sure you are on time. Please bear in mind that public transport to the meeting place may be delayed or the timetable may be modified on the day during the winter. *The buses will be shared with participants on other courses and those from other tour operators. Depending on numbers, a large/medium/small scale bus may be used or a small to large taxi. *The bus seats are non-reserved so you may have to sit with someone you don't know. The seats may be reserved in some cases according to the tour booking. (All seats in Potato Liner and Marimo Express Obihiro-go require reservation.*Please pass the ticket to the bus crew for these buses) *The bus is non-smoking. *Please set your mobile phone to silent mode and refrain from talking on the phone. *When allocating plane seats, due to seating arrangements, even if you booked the tour as a group or a pair, you may have to sit separately. *Once the tour booking was completed, you cannot change the flight or passenger(s). Please cancel the tour and book the tour again. When you cancel the tour, a cancellation fee will be charged. It might be the case that the tour is fully booked. Other *This tour is conducted and organized by Kinki Nippon Tourist Hokkaido Co., Ltd. *We will not be responsible for any delays, shortenings or omissions made to the itinerary due to circumstances beyond our control (traffic, weather etc.) *The amended Act on the Protection of Personal Information came into effect on 30 May 2017. Customer information (name, age, gender etc.) may be forwarded to the hotels or necessary entities for the purpose of making tour arrangements. This condition shall be deemed to have been accepted by the customer upon completion of the reservation.

Abashiri Icebreaker Ship Aurora (official movie)


Day 1
  • Breakfast: 0
  • Lunch: 0
  • Dinner: 1
  • Light meal: 0
  • Sapporo station, Ekimae Terminal (8:00 Departure) (■Potato Liner)*1 Obihiro station, Bus Terminal (11:55 Arrival) Free time/Lunch on your own Tokachi Plaza (JR Obihiro station, South exit front) (14:05 Departure) (■Marimo Express Obihiro-go) Tokachigawa Onsen・JR Ikeda station・Roadside Rest Area Honbetsu・Roadside Rest Area Ashoro *You cannot get off. Akan Kohan Onsen (Overnight. Arrival 16:55) *1. Bus Boarding Place: Sapporo station Ekimae Terminal (ESTA Building 1F), No.16 Bus Stop at South Lane <For your information> Akanko Ainu Kotan (Ainu Village) Ainu are an indigenous people of Japan. Take a look at their traditional folk crafts that can be a good souvenir for your trip. (Admission fees to the facilities are your own expense.)

Day 2
  • Breakfast: 1
  • Lunch: 0
  • Dinner: 1
  • Light meal: 0
  • Hotel (9:30 Departure) *1 Pick-up service Akan Forest & Lake Walk (sightseeing/approx. 120 mins) Pick-up service Hotel Free time/Lunch on your own Akan Tourism Association (In front of New Akan Hotel) (13:35 Departure) ◎Winter Eastern Hokkaido Bus [Tokachi→Shiretoko route] JR Mashu station *You cannot get off Lake Mashu 1st Observation Deck (Visit/approx. 30 mins) JR Kawayu Onsen station・Kawayu Onsen *You cannot get off Kiyosato information exchange facility "Kiyo Ru" (Rest/approx. 15 mins) Utoro Onsen (Overnight. Arrival 18:35) *1. After check-out, please leave your belongings at reception. Please dress for the walk(snow wear, cap/hat and gloves are a must.) and wait for the guide to pick you up.

Day 3
  • Breakfast: 1
  • Lunch: 0
  • Dinner: 0
  • Light meal: 0
  • Hotel (10:25 Departure) (■Shiretoko Airport Liner) Several bus stops *You cannot get off Abashiri Icebreaker Ship boarding terminal・Roadside Rest Area "Ryuhyokaido Abashiri" (Arrival 12:14) Icebreaker Ship Aurora*1 (sightseeing/approx. 60 mins) Free time/Lunch on your own Roadside Rest Area "Ryuhyokaido Abashiri" (15:45 or 16:00 Departure) (■Memanbetsu Airport Liner) Memanbetsu Airport (17:20 Departure) JAL2718 Flight New Chitose Airport (18:10 Arrival) *1. Cruise information Jan. 18th~29th: Take the 3rd cruise, departing at 13:00 Jan. 30th~Feb. 26th: Take the 4th cruise, departing at 14:00 Feb. 27th~Mar. 8th: Take the 3rd cruise, departing at 13:30 Boarding check-in should be done at least 15 minutes before the cruise departure time. - Shiretoko Airport Liner and Memanbetsu Airport Liner do not require advance reservation. Please hand over your boarding ticket to a driver.


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This particular course is operated as a free plan tour, therefore there will not be any language support from a tour conductor. We will however, provide the final confirmation and itinerary in the preferred language of your choice.

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*When the participants does not reach the number above, the tour will not be operated. If this is the case, those who have made a reservation will be informed of the matter by 14 days prior to the scheduled departure date (by 4 days prior to the departure in case of a Day-tour).

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1 Person(s)

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