Sumo Demonstration at Ryogoku Edo NOREN & Choice Lunch【Operation: Tuesday】


1. Watch the Japanese tradition “Sumo” wrestling close at hand! Explanation of the Sumo’s history, training, and skills is available in English. 2. Exciting Sumo performance is held in the Dohyo (Sumo ring)! 3. After the performance, you will have a chance to play sumo with the wrestlers and take photos with them. 4. After all the demonstrations end, you can choose your lunch from the 11 different restaurants at Ryogoku Edo NOREN. You can enjoy Japanese dishes such as Yakitori (grilled chicken skewers), Tempura and Sashimi. ★No tour guide is provided in this plan. Please make your own way to Ryogoku Edo NOREN by yourself.★ Necessary documents will be sent to you by email. Please print them out to bring with you on the day. 【Please write in the Additional Information section of the booking form.】 Please write your mobile phone number which works in Japan. If you do not have the number, please write the name of your hotel, your check-in date, and the guest name of hotel reservation. [NOTES] ※Contents of the Sumo demonstration event are subject to change. Staff of Ryogoku Edo NOREN will facilitate the event in English on the day. ※Please collect a ticket at the reception desk to redeem for lunch or gift. After the demonstrations end, please give the ticket to the lunch restaurant. ※Lunch menu is already decided by restaurant. If you order drinks and additional dishes, please pay for them by yourself. ※If you do not have lunch at restaurant, you can get a gift at souvenir shop in exchange for the ticket. ※Ticket is redeemable for lunch or gift only between 11:00 and 13:00 on the day. ※We do not take any responsibility for troubles, accidents, theft, etc. at Ryogoku Edo NOREN. ※Please follow the event staff’s instructions on the day. ※Please follow the rules and manners, and do not bother other people. ※This course takes place every Tuesday. ◆Operation every Monday! Sumo Demonstration in Asakusa (Chanko-nabe Hotpot Lunch included) → K1133 ◆Operation every Thursday! Sumo Demonstration in Ryogoku(Chanko-nabe Hotpot Lunch and Genghis Khan included) → K1048


Day 1
  • Breakfast: 0
  • Lunch: 1
  • Dinner: 0
  • Light meal: 0
  • Your Starting Point………… Please make your own way………… Ryogoku Edo NOREN 【9:45 Reception Starts → 10:00 Sumo Demonstration (approx. 1 hour) → 11:00 Lunch at Restaurant → Plan ends after lunch】………… Your Starting Point


Departure place

Designated place (Tokyo)

Meeting Time

09:45 AM



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  • Chinese (Mandarin)

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This particular course is operated as a free plan tour, therefore there will not be any language support from a tour conductor. We will however, provide the final confirmation and itinerary in the preferred language of your choice.

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*When the participants does not reach the number above, the tour will not be operated. If this is the case, those who have made a reservation will be informed of the matter by 14 days prior to the scheduled departure date (by 4 days prior to the departure in case of a Day-tour).

Minimum number of participants for booking

1 Person(s)

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