Photogenic Tokyo 1 Day Trip


This is a tour around the most instagrammable places in Tokyo. Visit several sightseeing spots in one day comfortably with this bus tour! You will definitely want to take photos to post on Instagram and Facebook. Of course, you will visit famous sightseeing spots as well, so this tour is highly recommended for the first-time travellers. *Please take photos with your own camera or smartphone. *Please keep your valuables with you. *If you will need help of taking your photos, the accompanying staff will be around as much as possible, so please feel free to ask, so please feel free to ask him/her. *It may not be possible to take the same photos as the tour images depending on the weather. The tour will go ahead in principle once it is confirmed, regardless the weather. Even if you cancel the tour because of the poor weather, the cancellation fee will be charged. [Photo spots] 1. Shinjuku LOVE object The eye-catching object is a famous spot that appears in various Japanese dramas. ※Only customers who join the tour from Shinjuku can take photos until the meeting time. 2. Kitajukken River The best photo spot for the Tokyo Sky Tree, the world's tallest tower. ※Entering the Tokyo Sky Tree is not included. 3. Asakusa / Kaminarimon A popular spot in Asakusa known for its huge lantern. Take a photo in front of the lantern with kanji 雷門 (Kaminarimon) written in Japanese. 4. Asakusa / Asakusa Kagetsudo Honten (windmill wall) A colorful windmill wall displayed at the famous Japanese confectionery store “Asakusa Kagetsudo Honten”, founded in 1945. Just by standing in front of the wall you will be able to take beautiful pictures. ※The visit may be omitted due to the bad weather conditions. 5. Asakusa / Asakusa Culture Tourist Information Center An information center near Kaminarimon. From the observation terrace, you can see the cityscape of Asakusa and the Tokyo Sky Tree. 6. Asakusa / Azuma-bashi Bridge A spot where you can take a photo of the Tokyo Sky Tree and "Asahi Flame” building. It is a famous scenery that many people have seen at least once. 7. Tokyo Station Marunouchi Ekimae Hiroba A photo spot where you can see the Tokyo Station building up close. 8. Tokyo International Forum A comprehensive cultural facility located close to Tokyo Station. Visit a huge glass building featuring a boat motif. 9. Tokyo Tower Tokyo Tower is a symbol of Tokyo. We will take you to the spot where you can take better photos of the tower. ※Entering the tower is not included. 10. Hie Shrine A shrine with a history of about 350 years, located in the center of the city. The Senbon Torii of Sanno Inari Shrine next to Hie Shrine is a highlight. 11. Harajuku This spot is popular among young people, especially girls. Enjoy shopping and walking along Takeshita Street, etc. [Additional information] *Tour inclusions: Transportation, accommodation, meal(s), admission fee(s) specified in the itinerary and taxes. None of these expenses will be refunded even if the participant does not use them for whatever reason. *Items not included: Any expenses not specified in the itinerary (e.g. personal expenses, optional tours.) *Items included in "Infant Price" (3-5 years old): same as adult. [Important] *When taking photos at each sightseeing spot, please observe the manners and be careful not to disturb other people around. *Lunch is not included. Please prepare lunch by yourself in advance or have it during your free time in Asakusa. *Wearing clothes and shoes that let you move easily and comfortably is strongly recommended. *Depending on the road conditions on the day, the order of the itinerary may change. *This tour is operated with a mixture of Japanese and foreign guests. However a staff member will give you the basic information, such as meeting place and time at each stop in English or Chinese, although they won't give you detailed information on the places visited. *The tour bus stops at several meeting points to pick up participants and comes to your meeting point. The bus may be late due to the traffic or other circumstances, but the bus definitely comes to your meeting point. Please make sure to wait for the bus at the designated meeting place.


Day 1
  • Breakfast: 0
  • Lunch: 0
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  • ① Shinjuku i-LAND Tower, in front of LOVE object (Depart 8:15) ※If you would like to take photos of the LOVE monument, please arrive to the meeting place earlier. Ueno (Meet 9:10) ※Customers joining the tour from Ueno will not be able to take photo of LOVE object. ② Kitajukken River (Stroll, take photos of Tokyo Sky Tree / approx. 30 mins) ③~⑥ Asakusa (Stroll, take photos, lunch on your own expenses / approx. 120 mins) ⑦ Tokyo Station Marunouchi Ekimae Hiroba (Stroll and take photos / approx. 20 mins) ⑧ Tokyo International Forum (Stroll and take photos / approx. 40 mins) ⑨ Tokyo Tower (Stroll and take photos / approx. 40 mins) ⑩ Hie Shrine (Stroll and take photos / approx. 30 mins) ⑪Harajuku (Stroll / approx. 40 mins) Shinjuku (Scheduled 18:30) ※There is no drop off at Ueno.

location Shinjuku i-Land Tower, in front of LOVE monument


Departure place

Shinjuku i-Land Tower, in front of LOVE monument

Meeting Time

08:15 AM



  • English

  • Chinese (Mandarin)

Language Support

A tour conductor or staff of your preferred language will accompany the tour from the designated meeting place (at a designated airport in case of a tour with airplanes) and provides the participant with basic information necessary for the tour (such as meeting place and time at each stop etc) in your preferred language. Information on sightseeing in the areas of tour destinations will not be provided. However, brochures in your preferred language will be provided.

Minimum number of participants for operation

1 Person(s)

*When the participants does not reach the number above, the tour will not be operated. If this is the case, those who have made a reservation will be informed of the matter by 14 days prior to the scheduled departure date (by 4 days prior to the departure in case of a Day-tour).

Minimum number of participants for booking

1 Person(s)

Cancellation policy Tour Condition
The prices may vary depending on number of participants and other conditions.