Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route (Snow Wall) and Kamikochi From JR Osaka


1. Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route: A mountain sightseeing route of about 40 km in length across the Northern Japanese Alps. Pass through the route using six vehicles. 2. Walk through the Snow Wall (altitude: 2,450m) in Murodo. The height of the snow wall varies depending on the weather and time of year. *The visit to the Snow Wall will occur until 21 June. 3. Visit Kamikochi, Japan's premier mountain resort, and enjoy the views of the snow covered Northern Japanese Alps. 4. Accommodation is Hotel Sunny Valley or a similar standard hotel in Kitaazumi-gun. Please enjoy the hot springs. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [Additional information] What's included Transportation, accommodation, meal(s), admission fee(s) specified in the itinerary and taxes. *None of these expenses will be refunded even if the participant does not use them for whatever reason. What's not included Any expenses not specified in the itinerary (e.g. personal expenses, optional tours.) What's included in Infant Price (3-5 years old) Bus seat, hotel facility usage fees (no bedding or meals with the exception of the breakfast buffet Optional Bento Lunchbox on Day 1 Makunouchi-style bento (with tea) / JPY1,100 ・Classic bento featuring meat, fish, egg, vegetables, pickles and rice. - Bento box will be served on the bus. - If interested, please contact us at least 10 business days before departure. Payment will be by credit card. - If you cancel your trip with less than 24 hours to go, you will not receive a refund for the bento as we have already processed your order. - If you are not interested in this option, then please bring your own lunch or buy it during a break in the trip. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [Attention] Kamikochi 1. Please bring picnic sheets/rugs etc., a rucksack, raingear, water bottles, medication, garbage bags, high energy snacks and clothing and shoes suitable for walking and hiking. 2. Please cooperate with the National Park's rules and take garbage back with you. 3. There are some days when sightseeing buses cannot enter Kamikochi due to bus control regulations. On those days, we will switch to the shuttle bus and take you to Kamikochi. There may be occasions when you have to use an auxiliary seat. 4. Depending on the weather and traffic, it may be impossible to stay for 90 minutes at Kamikochi. 5. If the road to Kamikochi is closed due to weather etc., we will head to the hotel directly and check-in early. Depending on the time period which the road is closed, we may not visit Hirayu either and we will take you to an alternative tourist spot. Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route 1. Please follow the instructions of staff at the Snow Wall. 2. The area is expected to be very busy during the season so the return time may delayed greatly. 3. Depending on the congestion at the Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route, our departure time from the hotel could change. If the departure time is particularly early, then we will skip breakfast at the hotel and serve you a bento breakfast box. Queues for boarding the various transport may also occur. 4. When passing through the Alpine Route, you will either carry your luggage by yourself or it will be transported by a large bus. We are not responsible for your luggage (lost, stolen, damaged etc.) 5. There is no refund when the Snow Wall walk is suspended due to the weather. However, if the Alpine Route closes suddenly as we are traveling on it, we will refund the fare for the transport we couldn't ride as well as any difference in fares that arises from the transport used to make any detour. Accommodation 1. Room allocation (Japanese style / Western style / Japanese-Western style room & Smoking/Non-smoking.) Please leave room allocations to us. In principle, it will be 1 room for each group of 1 to 4 people. 2. The room layout and views vary according to the hotel. 3. There may not be a bathtub in the room. Please use the public bath in that case. 4. Accommodation is pension type or city hotel type. In case of a pension type, the size of the facility is not large, so it may be busy at the reception, dining area and public bath. Logistics 1. From the hotel to Ogizawa station (start of the Alpine Route), we will use a local shuttle bus. Since we will not ride this bus again, it is recommended to bring a rucksack with your valuables in it. 2. Any large luggage (suitcases etc.) will be taken to the front desk of the hotel before departure and will be transported for you. However, we are not responsible for any damages during transit, so if you are worried about any items, then please carry it with you. 3. The journey from Tateyama station to Gohyakkoku Station on Day 2 may be done by Toyama Chihō Railway. 4. This tour is operated with a mix of Japanese and foreign passengers. 5. The tour conductor will arrive at the meeting place via different departure points to pick up other guests. Although the tour conductor/sightseeing bus could be late to the meeting place due to road conditions, they will eventually arrive, so please wait at the designated meeting point. 6. The order of the itinerary is subject to change. 7. Should there be 2 or more buses used, some departure and arrival places may be omitted. Other *We will not be responsible for any delays, shortenings or omissions made to the itinerary due to circumstances beyond our control (traffic, weather etc.) *A decision on whether to cancel the tour will be decided by 3pm Japan Standard Time one day before the tour date. We will inform you by e-mail. *The tour end point may be different from the meeting point. Ask the tour conductor on the day. *The amended Act on the Protection of Personal Information came into effect on 30 May 2017. Customer information (name, age, gender etc.) may be forwarded to the hotels or necessary entities for the purpose of making tour arrangements. This condition shall be deemed to have been accepted by the customer upon completion of the reservation.


Day 1
  • Breakfast: 0
  • Lunch: 0
  • Dinner: 1
  • Light meal: 0
  • JR Osaka (Meet 6:50) Hirayu (Shopping/20 mins) Kamikochi (Stroll/90 mins) Azumino (Shopping/20 mins) Hotel Sunny Valley or similar standard hotel, Kitaazumi-gun (Overnight)

Day 2
  • Breakfast: 1
  • Lunch: 0
  • Dinner: 0
  • Light meal: 0
  • Departure on Day 2 may be early in the morning. In that case, a breakfast bento will be served instead of having breakfast at the hotel. Kitaazumi-gun Ogizawa Station [① Electric Bus/15 mins] Kurobe Dam (/15 mins) Lake Kurobe [② Cable Car/5 mins] Kurobedaira [③ Tateyama Ropeway/5 mins] Daikanbo [④ Trolleybus/10 mins] Murodo (Stroll/90 mins) [⑤ Kogen Bus/50 mins] Bijodaira [⑥ Cable Car/5 mins] Tateyama Station Tateyama (Shopping/20 mins) Osaka (Schedule 21:15) *The tour end point may be different from the starting point, depending on traffic. Please ask a staff member on the day for details.

location JR Osaka


Departure place

JR Osaka

Meeting Time

06:50 AM


Toyama, Toyama

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A tour conductor or staff of your preferred language will accompany the tour from the designated meeting place (at a designated airport in case of a tour with airplanes) and provides the participant with basic information necessary for the tour (such as meeting place and time at each stop etc) in your preferred language. Information on sightseeing in the areas of tour destinations will not be provided. However, brochures in your preferred language will be provided.

Minimum number of participants for operation

25 Person(s)

*When the participants does not reach the number above, the tour will not be operated. If this is the case, those who have made a reservation will be informed of the matter by 14 days prior to the scheduled departure date (by 4 days prior to the departure in case of a Day-tour).

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1 Person(s)

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