Hokkaido Nature Tour: Shiretoko, Kushiro and Furano


① 5,303 people enjoyed this tour in 2018! 90.4% satisfaction rate from customers last year! ② This tour is packed full of the natural highlights of Hokkaido: seeing the World Heritage Shiertoko Peninsula from a boat, getting on the "Norroko" trolley train passing through through the Kushiro marshland and encountering lively animals at Asahiyama Zoo. ③ Enjoy Hokkaido's signature produce! Lunch on Day 2: Rice bowl featuring 12 varieties of seafood to choose from. Dinner on Day 2: Open kitchen buffet, including crab and various seafood dishes ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [Additional information] *Items included in "Infant price" - Flights and bus seats and domestic flight facility usage charge. Meals and bedding are not provided. *Items included – Transportation, accommodation, meal(s), admission fee(s) specified in the itinerary and taxes. None of these expenses will be refunded even if the participant does not use them for whatever reason. *Items not included – Any expenses not specified in the itinerary (e.g. personal expenses, optional tours). Hotel Upgrade Plan at Shiretoko Utoro Onsen If you are interested in the upgrade plan, please do not book this tour and do contact us before you book. We will get back to you as soon as possible. ・Bookings accepted from 1 person. ・Additional JPY7,500/person ・Hotel: Shiretoko Daiichi Hotel (East or West Wing) [Ranked A grade in our system] *This upgrade plan shares the same bus as the standard plan (Course No. 30616). *The number of rooms are limited so please accept our apologies if the rooms are full. *The additional cost will be added to the tour price and paid by credit card in advance.   Optional Shiretoko Night Safari Tour with a Specialist (Day 2) / Additional JPY2,000 ・This tour will be after dinner. ・You will see wild nocturnal animals from the tour bus. (Please note that there is no guarantee that you will get to see wild animals.) ・When the sky is clear, you will get off the bus and see the stars. ・This tour is subject to cancel due to the bad weather or number of participants. ・The tour bus may be shared with customers from other tours. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [Attention] Itinerary and Contents *The course may be done in reverse due to circumstances involving accommodation, sightseeing spots and/or the order of accommodation is changed. Please be assured that this WILL NOT lead to omissions or shortening of visits to each location. *Visit to Shiretoko Pass and Shiretoko Odan Road on Day 3 will be available from May 30th. *The scheduled sightseeing boat may be suspended if there is inclement weather. *Train ride on Day 3: As seats are not reserved, you may not be able to sit down. Furthermore, the section ridden is subject to change. *There is no guarantee that you will get to see wild animals. *The flowering season and salmon swimming upriver are natural phenomena and there is no guarantee to see them on your tour day. *Please join the tour with comfortable clothes and walking shoes. *Meals are subject to change owing to availability of ingredients on the day (especially seafood) *A Japanese-speaking tour guide accompanies the trip. The tour conductor will offer English or Chinese assistance, however the translation of the sightseeing information will not be provided. Joining the tour and Flights *Depending on the departure day, some flights will need to transfer at New Chitose Airport. *Meeting time on the tour departure day is 50 minutes before the flight departure time. Any costs for accommodation around the airport the night before the tour or for transportation to the airport are covered by customers. (Detailed information about meeting place and time will be revealed at least 7 days prior to the tour departure day.) *The schedule of the tour may have to be changed due to delays or change of the departure/arrival airport caused by bad weather, etc. Under such circumstances, any extra accommodation, meals and transportation fee may be incurred, and these costs will be covered by customers. *Seat allocations for airplanes or Shinkansen trains: Due to seating arrangements, even if you booked the tour as a group or a pair, you may have to sit separately. *To change customers (name change), a confirmation from the airline is necessary. When the flight is fully booked, a name change is not possible. When a name change is possible, a handling fee will be charged. Other *We will not be responsible for any delays, shortenings or omissions made to the itinerary due to circumstances beyond our control (traffic, weather etc.) *A decision on whether to cancel the tour will be decided by 3pm Japan Standard Time one day before the tour date. We will inform you by e-mail. *The tour end point may be different from the meeting point. Ask the tour conductor on the day. *The amended Act on the Protection of Personal Information came into effect on 30 May 2017. Customer information (name, age, gender etc.) may be forwarded to the hotels or necessary entities for the purpose of making tour arrangements. This condition shall be deemed to have been accepted by the customer upon completion of the reservation.


Day 1
  • Breakfast: 0
  • Lunch: 0
  • Dinner: 1
  • Light meal: 0
  • Haneda Airport【Depart 7:00~9:00】 -- New Chitose Airport or Asahikawa Airport -【New Chitose: approx. 130 mins/ Asahikawa: approx. 45 mins】- Farm Tomita at Furano (Famous flower field in Furano/approx. 40 mins) -【approx. 30 mins】- Blue Pond at Biei (approx. 20 mins) -【approx. 20 mins】- Shikisai no Oka at Biei (approx. 20 mins) -【approx. 45 mins】- Asahiyama Zoo (Famous for its unique displays of animals/approx. 90 mins) -【approx. 120 mins】- Onneyu Hotel Shiki Heian no Yakata (B rank) or Oehonke (B rank) (Overnight)   *Natural hot spring water flows directly from the source and good for smooth skin.

  • Hotel: Onneyu Hotel Shiki Heian no Yakata (B rank) or Oehonke (B rank)

Day 2
  • Breakfast: 1
  • Lunch: 1
  • Dinner: 1
  • Light meal: 0
  • Onneyu Onsen -【approx. 90 mins】- Meruhen no Oka (Fairytale Hill) (Hilly landscape/approx. 15 mins) -【approx. 25 mins】- Abashiri Prison Museum (Visit with a guide./approx. 50 mins) -【approx. 20 mins】- Abashiri (Seafood rice bowl lunch to choose from/approx. 50 mins) -【approx. 65 mins】- Oshin & Koshin Waterfalls (A famous waterfall in Shiretoko/approx. 20 mins) -【approx. 10 mins】- Shiretoko (Breathtaking views of the World Heritage Shiretoko peninsula from a boat/approx. 70 mins) -【approx. 25 mins】- Shiretoko Ichiko Lake (Walking around a World Heritage Lake with a guide / approx. 50 mins *Total walking distance: approx. 1.6 Km) -【approx. 25 mins】- Roadside Rest Area Utoro Shirietoku(Shiretoko's crafts center/approx. 20 mins) -【approx. 5 mins】- Shiretoko Utoro Onsen (Overnight)  *Buffet dinner. Optional Shiretoko Night Safari Tour is available after dinner! [Additional JPY2,000]

  • Hotel: Hotel Shiretoko【B rank】

Day 3
  • Breakfast: 1
  • Lunch: 0
  • Dinner: 0
  • Light meal: 0
  • Shiretoko Utoro Onsen -【approx. 30 mins】- Shiretoko Pass (Located at the highest point along the Shiretoko-odan Road/approx. 15 mins *Visit from May 30th) -- Shiretoko-odan Road *Visit from May 30th. -【approx. 80 mins】- Kaiyodai (An observation deck where you can see the curvature of Earth /approx. 20 mins) -【approx. 55 mins】- Lake Mashu (The high transparency of the water is famous./approx. 20 mins) -【approx. 60 mins】- Touro station -- Run through the Kushiro Marshland! Norokko train ride (approx. 45 mins) -- Kushiro station -【approx. 30 mins】- Hokuto Observatory, Kushiro Marshland(approx. 15 mins) -【Kushiro: approx. 20 mins, Obihiro: approx. 120 mins】- Kushiro Airport or Tokachi Obihiro Airport -- Haneda Airport【Arrive 20:30~21:55】

location Haneda Airport


Departure place

Haneda Airport

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A tour conductor or staff of your preferred language will accompany the tour from the designated meeting place (at a designated airport in case of a tour with airplanes) and provides the participant with basic information necessary for the tour (such as meeting place and time at each stop etc) in your preferred language. Information on sightseeing in the areas of tour destinations will not be provided. However, brochures in your preferred language will be provided.

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