Privacy Policy

Club Tourism International Inc. considers porotecting your personal information as the basics of our business. In order to offer safe, secure, and reliable services, we established personal information protection policy as follows and will try to protect your personal information by familiarizing it with the board members and employees.

1. Appropriate collection, Use, Offer of your Personal Information

We shall collect personal information appropriately and fairly, and use or offer it within a scope of the purposes specified.

2. Control of your Personal Information

In order to prevent personal information leakage, loss, or damage, we will take necessary and appropriate safety control measures and strive to improve it. In case of outsourcing the business relating to use or control of your personal information outside the company, we will strictly supervise and control the entrusted company's handling of your personal information.

3. Act of Personal Information and Compliance of Other Rules

About your personal information, we comply with laws, guidelines, regulations, social norms and others of personal information protection.

4. Continuous Improvement of our Company Regulations

We formulate compliance program about personal information protection and strives to continuous revise and improve our official company regulations by the periodical inspection.

5. Disclosure Requirement of Personal Information

In case of disclosure, revision of your personal information, or suspension being required by yourself , we will respond to it within an appropriate scope based on our prescribed procedures.

6. Inquiry about Personal Information

We established a window in charge of complaint and inquiry regarding your personal information promptly and appropriately.

Handling of Personal Information

Club Tourism International Inc. handles your personal information as below based on the Private Information Protection Law and our privacy policy.

1. Your Personal Information That We Possess

We possess the personal information provided by you filling out a tour application form, participants list, or questionnaire and provided by affiliate companies after obtaining clients' consent.

2. Purpose of Use of Your Personal Information

We and the entrusted travel agencies(dealers) shall use the personal information provided at the above No.1 in order to contact a client. And when we arrange transportation, accommodatons(main transportation and accommodations are listed in the final itinerary), or proceed to receive the services, we shall use it within the necessary scope.

  • delivering a "Tabi no Tomo" we publish, and other tour advertisement or informaiton magazine
  • informing you the products and services of our affiliate companies.
  • delivering e-mail newsletter and others.
  • informing you to participate in our businesses.
  • informing you of insurance, traveler's checks, souvenirs, parking, and accommodation for before or after your travel.
  • asking for questionnaires and your opinions
  • creating statistics.

3. Provision of Your Personal Information to the Third Party

  • In order to fulfill the contract with participants, we will provide your address, name, telephone number, gender, age, e-mail address or passport number via e-mail to transportation or accommodation organizations and the agencies arranging your tour.
  • For the convenience of your shopping while traveling, we may provide your personal information we possess to duty free shops and others. In this case, we will provide your name, passport number, your flight number and others in advance via e-mail. If you wish to suspend the provision of your personal information, please inform us to check the application form before departure.
  • We will provide your personal information to the third party as need arises if recognized by law or others.

4. Shared use of your personal information

We may share your personal information we possess including address, name, telephone number or e-mail address with affiliate companies in order to notify you of business hours, simplify your application, ship products and inform you of campaigns.

*Our Group Corporates to share (as of 2010, December 01st)

  • Club-tourism Life Care Service

5. Inquiry, Disclosure, Deletion, Amendment of your personal information

  • If you wish to suspend your personal information we possess to disclose, amend, delete, cancel and suspend to provide it to the third party, please inform the following window for inquiry about it, then necessary procedure will be advised from us. In this case, we will take necessary procedures without delay in accordance with law and our internal regulations. If we can't meet your request entirely or partially, we will explain the reasons.
  • Our window for Inquiry about Personal Information
    Club Tourism International Inc. Customer Support Center.
    [Address] Nishishinjuku 6-3-1, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo Japan
    [TEL] 03-5323-4414
    [Business Hour] 9:30 am - 17:00pm (close on Saturdays, Sundays, National holidays, December 30th to January 3rd)
  • Handling in case of personal information leakage
    Should the personal ionformation that we collected leak, we will contact you immediately and take adequate measures such as suspending the system. Also, we will announce the fact situation officially on our website and others immediately.

    Club Tourism International Inc. may amend the above-mentioned policies.
    In that case, we will notify you of any amendments on our website.

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