You can be rest assured because our tour is insured with these services!

Emergency Medical Consultation Telephone Service

24/7 service is available during the tour when you have a health problem!
  • We will provide information on emergency hospitals that accept patients at night/on holidays and information on your nearest hospitals.
  • Our experienced doctors and nurses of the Japanese emergency medical scene will assist you.
  • Multilingual service available in Japanese, English, Chinese, Korean, Portuguese and Spanish.
Insurance 1

Coverage for your injury

The insurance payment of Medical Treatment Expense Coverage for Bodily Injury 2,000,000 JPY
The insurance payment of Liability Coverage 10,000,000 JPY
Insurance 2

When you need medical treatment for the injury caused during your trip
(Medical treatment cost, Hospitalization cost, Travel expense, Emergency transfer costs etc.)

Coverage for your legal liability

  • Insurance 3
    When you damage luxury item at the store
  • Insurance 4
    When you flood the hotel room
  • Insurance 5
    When you injure someone

※Insurance for your injury and liability will be paid up to our policy's insured amount and will be paid based on the insurance company’s appraisal. For details, please contact Club Tourism International Inc.
(Underwriting Insurance Company: Tokio Marine & Nichido Fire Insurance Co., Ltd. Insurance Agent: Club Tourism International Inc.)

1. Insured Period

From meet-up to break-up of the tour
(The coverage excludes Mate Tours and inhabitant of Japan.)

2. Coverage

  • (1) Medical Treatment Expense Coverage for Bodily Injury

    • Cases in which payouts are made
      Cases in which you received medical treatment by a doctor due to bodily injury caused by sudden, unexpected, and external accident during the insured tour period
      ※Expense the insured paid to medical institution as the self-pay amount are subject to payment
    • Expense subject to insurance payment
      The following actually paid medical expense etc. incurred within 180 days counting from the accident date(Up to Insurance amount)
      • ①Medical treatment expense, expense related to hospitalization (including prescribed medicine, emergency transportation expense, etc.) paid to a doctor or hospital
      • ②Transportation expense and expense for hiring an interpreter to receive medical treatment
      • ③Expense for purchasing personal belongings at hospitalization
      • ④Issuing expense of doctor’s medical certificate required for claiming insurance
    • Major cases in which payouts are not made
      • ①Bodily injury attributable to deliberate action or inaction or gross negligence by the policyholder, the insured (person who are subject to insurance), or the beneficiary
      • ②Bodily injury attributable to fight, suicidal act, or criminal act
      • ③Bodily injury caused before the tour starts or after the tour ends
      • ④Symptoms such as whiplash injury, back pain etc. without medical objective findings
  • (2) Liability Coverage

    • Cases in which payouts are made
      In the case you are held legally liable for your having injured another or having damaged another's property during the tour
    • Amount subject to insurance payment
      Amount of compensation (Up to insurance amount)
  • (3) Emergency Medical Consultation Service

    • If you suddenly have a health problem, we provide information on the nearest medical institutions and/or emergency medical institutions that accept patients at night, and give proper advice 24/7.
    • Quickly grasping your situation by phone, an experienced doctor and/or a nurse give detailed advice depending on the situation.
    • We give information on medical institutions that cover the medical specialty corresponding to your symptoms and are opened at the time by our own searching system that stocks detailed information of each medical institution including information on medical specialty.
    • Our searching system stocks data of 100,000 medical institutions and can anytime provide the latest information.
    • This service is available in Japanese, English, Chinese, Korean, Portuguese, and Spanish utilizing the three-way call interpretation system.

Please be noted that the governing language of the insurance shall be Japanese and any related English translation is made for reference purpose and has no legal effect. (当保険内容は日本語を正文とし、関連する英訳書面はご参考用であり、法的効力を持ちません。)


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