Sakura (Cherry Blossoms)- The Beauty of Japanese Springtime


Springtime is especially beautiful in Japan, and Sakura (Japanese cherry blossom) is the very symbol of spring in its native land. So beloved is it by the people of Japan and weather news even feature its flowering forecast. Men and women of all ages gather at the sights of blooming sakura and celebrate the arrival of Spring season. Among many kinds of Sakura, perhaps Yoshino Cherry (Somei Yoshino) is the most popular kind of Sakura. Among the varieties of Sakura to bloom first is the vividly-pink Kawazuzakura. Others include the weeping Shidarezakura and the layered blossoms of the Yaezakura. The best viewing season might be February to June. However the period of blooming season varies depending on location, climate and even elevation. We've chosen the famous places for viewing Sakura in Japan, so check each viewing spots and plan your visit to see beauty icon of spring. Viewing scenery of spectacular Sakura will surely be an unforgettable experience for you.


The Best Cherry Blossom Route in Tohoku Region! The 3 Famous Cherry Blossoms & Cherry Blossom Viewing Train, 3 Days

3 DAYS Departure From: Tokyo

Tour period: 2018/04/17 - 2018/05/10

Tour code: 27230


Takato Cherry Blossoms, Takada Cherry Blossom Viewing at Night, Jindai Cherry Blossoms, ・Local Train Ride・Lake Suwa Cruise, ・Overnight at Madarao Tokyu Resort

2 DAYS Departure From: Shinjuku

Tour period: 2018/04/06 - 2018/04/22

Tour code: FA137


Fantastic Castle in the Sky "Takeda Castle Ruins" & Tour around Cherry Blossoms Viewing Spots /Departure from Umeda

1 DAYS Departure From: Umeda

Tour period: 2018/04/07 - 2018/04/22

Tour code: 98650


Kyoto Cherry Blossoms - Arashiyama & Nanzen-ji Temple / Depart JR Osaka

1 DAYS Departure From: JR Osaka

Tour period: 2018/03/28 - 2018/04/09

Tour code: 88410


Southern Hokkaido Tour: 10 cherry blossom viewing spots & Hakodate night view

4 DAYS Departure From: Haneda Airport

Tour period: 2018/04/22 - 2018/05/13

Tour code: 30112


3 Meals included, Shizunai Nijukken Road for 120 mins 

1 DAYS Departure From: Sapporo

Tour period: 2018/05/02 - 2018/05/13

Tour code: 22868


[From Shinjuku] Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route "Snow Wall" & Cherry Blossoms at Takato Castle Park, 2 Days

2 DAYS Departure From: Shinjuku Station south entrance

Tour period: 2018/04/15 - 2018/04/24

Tour code: 28202


Yamanashi Cherry Blossoms Viewing Tour / Yamataka Jindai Cherry Blossom Tree・Cherry Blossom Tunnel

1 DAYS Departure From: Nagoya

Tour period: 2018/04/10 - 2018/04/18

Tour code: 76735


[From Shinjuku]Scenic Views of Cherry Blossoms and Mt. Fuji & Strawberry Picking

1 DAYS Departure From: Shinjuku

Tour period: 2018/03/22 - 2018/03/28

Tour code: KE110


Touhoku Cherry Blossom Viewing - Tsuruga Castle & Miharu Takizakura / Hoshino Resorts Bandaisan Onsen Hotel

2 DAYS Departure From: Shinjuku

Tour period: 2018/04/06 - 2018/04/26

Tour code: AA704


Spring in Full Swing! Evening Cherry Blossom Viewing on the Gondola Sky Shuttle! Strawberry Picking & All-You-Can-Eat Seafood BBQ! Mt. Fuji Viewing Mini-Cruise!

1 DAYS Departure From: Shinjuku Washington Hotel 3F

Tour period: 2018/03/28 - 2018/04/10

Tour code: 05531


[Upgrade Plan]Matsumae・Hakodate・Esashi 8 Cherry Blossom Viewing Sites in South Hokkaido 2 Days

2 DAYS Departure From: Sapporo

Tour period: 2018/05/02 - 2018/05/12

Tour code: 22663


Matsumae・Hakodate・Esashi 8 Cherry Blossom Viewing Sites in South Hokkaido 2 Days

2 DAYS Departure From: Sapporo

Tour period: 2018/04/28 - 2018/05/12

Tour code: 22662


Tsuruga Castle Park, Miharutaki Weeping Cherry, Hanamiyama Park, "Aizu Railway" with Cherry Blossoms. Urabandai Royal Hotel

2 DAYS Departure From: Tokyo

Tour period: 2018/04/13 - 2018/04/25

Tour code: 27532


Popular Mt. Showa-shinzan & Lake Toya Tour with Steamed Oyster, Rockfish Hot-Pot, Shrimp-Pressed Sushi, All-You-Can-Eat Scallops

1 DAYS Departure From: Sapporo

Tour period: 2018/03/09 - 2018/04/22

Tour code: 22980


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