Booking Tours

Q1. Are all tours guaranteed to depart?

A1. All tours require a minimum number of participants. The tour may be cancelled if it does not meet the minimum requirement. Please also refer to Q5.

Q2. When are the application deadlines?

A2. Deadlines are generally around a week before the departure date. However, you can book online up until the day before if spaces are still available. Please also refer to the <Payment> section.

Q3. Can I join as a solo traveller?

A3. It depends on the tour. Please refer to the “Minimum number of participants for booking” section on each tour page.

Q4. Can I join if I cannot understand Japanese?

A4. Yes. English or Chinese support is provided for tours with accompanying staff. Please be aware that there is no language assistance for self-guided tours.

Q5. Can a confirmed tour be cancelled later?

A5. Confirmed tours will usually go ahead. However, sudden cancellations due to severe weather conditions (typhoons, heavy snowfall etc.) can happen. In such cases, we will get in touch by e-mail.

Q6. Why can’t I apply for a tour when the departure date is shown on the calendar?

A6. The tour may no longer be taking reservations (fully booked, cancelled etc.) In addition, your chosen language may not be supported on your desired date. Changing languages on the calendar may solve that problem.

Q7. Can I make amendments to my booking (tour, departure date, number of participants and name changes etc.)?

A7. For bookings where departure is guaranteed, any amendments can be made up until one day before the cancellation fee is incurred (alterations are limited to the number of participants and any necessary additional information on members.) If changes need to be made on or after the cancellation fee date, please e-mail us. In addition, for courses that begin with a K1 code, you cannot make changes through the website so please get in touch in a separate e-mail. If you wish to make amendments to a booking where departure is not yet confirmed, please cancel the booking and make a new one. We apologize in advance for any inconvenience this may cause. If you wish to change the departure date and/or Course No. on a booking (tour guaranteed or not) the AMEND option is not available so please cancel that booking and make a new one.

Q8. Can you re-arrange the flight or train schedule for me?

A8. No. As a package tour, the scheduled travel is fixed and reserved as stated in the itinerary.
Note: For some tours that begin with a K1 code, some flexibility is possible. In this case, an adjustment in the tour price may be necessary. Please inquire separately for details.

Q9. Can I extend my trip (e.g. stay longer in Hokkaido and change my return flight to a later date)?

A9. No. As a package tour, lengthening the schedule, changing the flight departure and return dates etc. cannot be arranged.
Note: For some tours that begin with a K1 code, some flexibility is possible. In this case, an adjustment in the tour price may be necessary. Please inquire separately for details.

Q10. Can I join a tour if I have only made a tentative reservation or not applied at all?

A10. No. If you turn up at the meeting place on the day of the tour, you will be prevented from participating.

Q11. Can I definitely participate on a tour that has “Departure guaranteed” displayed on the booking calendar?

A11. Not necessarily. Even if “Departure guaranteed” is displayed, the tour may be full before you have completed your booking. Participation cannot be guaranteed until your reservation is completed or confirmed.

Q12. How early can I book ahead? What is the sales schedule for the tours?

A12. You can generally book 2-3 months ahead (some exceptions provided.)

Q13. I live in Europe but can't make a reservation. Can I still join a tour?

A13. With the enforcement of GDPR(General Data Protection Regulation) on 25 May 2018,we have decided that we don't directly contract with customers who live in the EU region.Customers can apply for our travel plans via the following travel company and their website:


Q1. When do I pay?

A1. Payment is settled immediately for guaranteed tours. For situations involving pending tours and waiting lists payment is settled once those arrangements are confirmed.

Q2. Will the payment go through if I’m on the waiting list or the tour is still pending?

A2. No. Only after the tour is confirmed will the full amount be settled.

Q3. What forms of payment do you accept?

A3. We only accept credit cards (VISA, Master Card, JCB, American Express and Diners Club) and debit cards affiliated with VISA / Master Card. We do not accept Union Pay Card or cash.

Q4. What currency is used to settle payments?

A4. The tour fee is settled in JPY. However, please contact your credit card company about the currency you settle with.

Q5. Can I pay on the day of the tour?

A5. No. You must pay in full before the departure date.

Q6. Can I get a receipt?

A6. Yes. Please access your account and open the booking from the reservations list. Click “Download receipt” and print.

During The Tour

Q1. Is there a pick-up and drop-off service at several hotels? If not, how do I find out about the meeting place(s)?

A1. Pick-up/drop-off services are not available unless stated otherwise. Please gather at the fixed location. The information of the meeting place(s) will be included in the booking confirmation e-mail.

Q2. Can I change the meeting place(s)?

A2. No, if the tour has only one designated meeting point. However, it is possible if the tour contains a number of locations to choose from.

Q3. I might be late to the meeting point. How do I get in contact?

A3. Please call the emergency contact number on the confirmation document sent to you after completing the booking. The tour will not wait for you though.

Q4. Can I join the tour part-way through if I miss the meeting time?

A4. No.

Q5. Can I get a refund for missing the tour? If so, how will I receive my money back?

A5. If you missed the tour for being late and didn’t tell us beforehand, a refund is not available. If you can no longer participate and you let us know in advance, then 50% of the tour fee will be refunded. The money will be paid back to the credit card used to pay for the tour.

Q6. Can I leave at any point during the tour?

A6. Yes, but only at locations listed in the itinerary. If you wish to do so, you need to sign a form when you leave the tour. You cannot leave the group elsewhere.

Q7. On tours with meal(s) included, can I make specific dietary requests such as vegetarian meals and halal foods?

A7. It depends on the tour. We will do our best to accommodate you requests, so please include detailed information in “Additional Information” section when booking.

Q8. Is Wi-Fi provided on the bus?

A8. On most tours no. Tours that provide a Wi-Fi equipped bus will mention so in the tour description.

Q9. Can I bring large luggage with me like a suitcase?

A9. Suitcases and buggies can be brought on tours unless stated otherwise. However, on tours involving the Shinkansen, it is highly recommended to pack lightly if possible as space is very limited.

Q10. Can I get in contact through SNS if I am not able to check e-mails?

A10. No, we can only correspond via e-mail.


Q1. I get motion sickness. Can I get a seat in the front area of the bus?

A1. No, we cannot accommodate seat preferences.

Q2. Can I receive a discount for a large group booking (e.g. 10+ booking) or if I join multiple tours?

A2. No, we do not offer any discounts.

Q3. Can wheelchair users join the tours?

A3. It depends on the tour. Please contact us in advance.

Q4. Are the tour insured?

A4. Yes. Please click here for details: http://www.yokosojapan-tour.com/en/insurance

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